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Adaptive Defense
Safety for ALL.

4 hours Workshop.

– Real picture of terror and urban violence presentation.
A) violence numbers and statistics.
B) criminal law, rights and duties.
C) psychological patterns and criminals types.

– Techniques, strategies and actions for self defense.
A) grab situation.
B) affront situation.
C) free hands attacks ways of defense.
D) situation of armed affront.
E) crisis management.
F) hostage situation.

– Tools for overcoming traumas.
A) breathing techniques to control adrenergic discharges.
B) techniques to change the psychological picture within the confrontation and post trauma.
C) indications of therapies integrated with post-trauma treatment in the first 3 months.

Certificate included.


Wagner Thiele.
Sensei creator and responsible for the KEN ZEN bujutsu style, therapist and entrepreneur of the branch of human development.

Kleber Marques.
Sfety and chemical engineer, businessman of the branch, judo sensei, KEN ZEN uchi deshi and Krav Maga practitioner.